Originally from San Francisco, Miami-based multidisciplinary artist, KT, is best known for their analog collages. Their work has been featured in galleries across South Florida, including the Mize Gallery in St. Petersburg, and a pop-up exhibit at the Superchief Gallery during Miami Art Basel in 2018.

Inspired by gender politics, civil unrest, social injustice, historical and current events, KT's work draws connections between settler-colonial capitalism and forms of supremacy, such as white supremacy, patriarchy (male supremacy), and ecocide (human supremacy). As the child of immigrants, KT's work aims to recontextualize mid-century American imagery through an analog process that yields new depictions, bodies, and paradigms. Collaging invites the viewer to reckon with undisguised fragmentation and objectification. Through collages, time-based media, and zines, KT aims to expose the alienation and pathologization of self-actualized identities and those who break away from the central ideology.

KT's practice also branches out into zine making, a format that allows for the dissemination of text and image with precision. Unlike traditional white cube exhibits, zine fairs provide alternative, democratic exhibition spaces for direct conversation with an audience and the print community. Recent fairs include Yummy Zine Fair organized by Exile Books in Miami, Florida along with SPF in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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